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Taste of the Farm

The secret to a happy and healthy, traditional cuisine is to use fresh ingredients.

​【Schedule date】

  Every Wednesday (Space is limited to 25 participants)


  6 hours 


  NTD 880/each person (includes lunch, dessert, ingredients, and insurance)

  NTD 100/each person (children under 3 years)


  09:30-09:40  Meeting on the lawn

  09:40-10:15  Making bamboo stuffed rice

  10:15-11:00  Walking to the farm: Ingredient hunting
  11:00-12:30  Taiwanese cooking session

  12:30-13:45  Lunch in traditional style

  13:45-14:30  Egg collecting

  14:30-15:00  Dessert session

  15:00-15:30  Enjoy the dessert and teatime


  Registration is required (no on-site registration).

  After registration, please wire transfer fee within 2 days.

  Note: The schedule is subject to change. 

【Sample Schedule>>】【Reservation Form>>】

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