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Love the Real Food

Learn how to prepare  and cook Taiwanese dishes 

Taste the delicacies with joy

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In the cooking class, you can learn how to make local dishes. You can enjoy a fantastic meal you've made yourself with the happiness of "home".

You will be familiar with raw ingredient and culinary culture by observing how local chefs interact with food. 

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Follow local chefs walked into the traditional market, farm garden, and kitchen, you will learn how to cook steam, stir-fry, and marinated dishes.

Cooking class takes place every Wednesday from 9.30am-4pm. 

This is an absolutely hands-on class limited to 25 participants.

If you would like to book a cooking class, please call 03-3889689.

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Eco-Friendly Rice (螢緣米)


Rice is grown with sustainable farming methods without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.


Eco-Friendly Egg (好虻雞蛋)


The poultry are fed with no chemical ingredients and Black soldier fly to increase natural animal protein intake. Hens can move freely in the barn, and there are sand bunkers for hens to clean themselves, comfortable egg boxes and perches for hens laying happily and sleep safely. In this way,our happy and healthy hens lay the most nutritious eggs every day.

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